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Bad Credit Car Loans

Fairless Motors – Bad Credit Car Loans

Has a bad credit rating been holding you back from getting the auto loan you need?

That ends now.

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Fairless Motors is a family-owned used car dealership with more than 30 years of experience helping people just like you get the financing for your ideal pre-owned vehicle.

Our bad credit auto loans make financing available to all drivers, regardless of your credit score or history. Our friendly team will work out your ideal amount, the payments you can afford, and the right term for your loan. It’s quick. It’s simple. It’s fair.

How Do Our Bad Credit Car Loans Work?

We are unlike the banks and other lenders that will usually turn you down for an auto loan if you have a poor credit history. They will see you as a ‘high-risk’ investment who may be unable to make payments on time, every time. Fairless Motors, on the other hand, doesn’t turn anyone away for having a low credit score.

Credit scores are generally considered ‘bad’ if they fall below the low 600’s. And sadly, many Americans have low credit scores. Perhaps your income is lower than it had been because your employer eliminated overtime pay, and you’ve been struggling to make your payments on time. Maybe you had to put more on your credit cards than you could pay off and got into debt. You might have even had to sell your previous vehicle to get more money together but find it tough to get by without it.

Our bad credit auto loans give you a complete package in one place. We set up your financing and help you find the perfect used vehicle from our large inventory of models.

Whether you need it for work, for family days out, or just everyday chores, Fairless Motors is passionate about getting you on the road in the right car, at the right price. Fairless Motors never turns a customer away because of a low credit score. Trust our family-run dealership to get you the financing and the vehicle you need – no matter what your credit history says.

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Get Approved Even With the Following:
Foreclosure - Recent Divorce Proceedings - Repossession - Writing Bad Checks - Bankruptcy - Multiple Repossessions - Missing Payments

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